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Pharmaceutical Resilience - ebook

How to Govern the Evolution of Treatments

Pani L.

Titolo Professionale - Farmacia


aprile 2018
ISBN: 9788821449215
Pagine del cartaceo: 144

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€ 13,99

The world of health is undergoing a significant evolution. There is a tangible sense of urgency and great expectation that affects everyone: patients, healthcare organisations, doctors and companies. 

Pharmaceutical Resilience offers us a compass to orient ourselves in this growing complexity, indicating the cardinal points and helping us find a path to follow in this historic moment, which is the result of the convergence of at least three macro-phenomena that are becoming evident at a global level: the increase in demand and the growing pressure to which public health budgets are subject; the evolution of the consumer patient; and the impact of technology. 

There are many opportunities awaiting us, but just as many obstacles to be overcome and Pharmaceutical Resilience helps us recognise them and learn how to tackle them, giving us a glimpse of the near future that awaits us, but also a formidable antidote against the fear of change.

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