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Food intolerances are a myth

The inflammatory relationship between food and health is finally explained in a scientific way

Speciani A.

Titolo Professionale - Alimentazione, Allergologia - Immunologia

gennaio 2020
ISBN: 9788821451966
Pagine: 192
Rilegatura: softcover
Formato: 13,5 x 21

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€ 25,00

The immunologist and bestselling author Attilio Speciani dispels the clichés about so-called ‘food intolerances’ and guides the reader to a healthy and better relationship with food.

Colitis, migraines, hormonal changes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, imbalances of metabolism and many other disorders, from the most common to the most severe, are often related to diet. There is a close relationship between food and health, and modern immunology has transformed this conviction, sometimes inadequately expressed for some diseases, into facts that are documented by scientific evidence.

When the natural and physiological relationship with food changes, due to food excesses or the repeated introduction of food, the organism generates measurable inflammatory signals that induce and maintain many conditions or diseases. The most recent research says that food-related inflammation depends on both the kind of food eaten, on the relationship with all different sugars, and on the way foods are combined and the timing of their consumption.

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