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Diagnosis Pre-operative Planning Follow-up

Titolo Professionale - Diagnostica per immagini - Radiologia

febbraio 2013
ISBN: 9788821429712
Pagine: 200
Illustrazioni: 400
Rilegatura: Cartonato
Formato: 21,0 x 29,7

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A traditional radiography is a two-dimensional image of something that actually has three dimensions. At last, thanks to 3D radiological system with a small field of view we have the missing dimension, which exponentially amplifies our knowledge.
The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a real breakthrough for dentistry because it offers many advantages: low radiation dose to patients, high definition with very small voxels, the possibility to see the tooth and the surrounding structures in three different planes, overcoming any anatomical overlapping.
It opens a new frontier, and allows us to make precise diagnosis where traditional tools were insufficient.
Reading the text we can see the enthusiasm and the passion with which the authors have produced this book. Each chapter is a font of information, every detail has been carefully examined, and each clinical case has been
extensively reported.
The introductory chapters provide the reader with the knowledge and basic tools to understand the CBCT.
Everything else is an atlas, highly enjoyable, which includes the use of CBCT in both clinical and surgical dentistry, and describes in details not only the diagnostic phase but also the operational use to program the individual case, and control the future outcome.


CHAPTER 1 - From the discovery of X-rays to the advent of digital tomography
CHAPTER 2 - Principles of 3D radiology
CHAPTER 3 - How to choose a suitable system for the practitioner’s needs (Clinical requirements, radiation risk, image definition)
CHAPTER 4 - Radiological anatomy of the oral cavity and adjacent areas
CHAPTER 5 - Three-dimensional rendering of models using data from CBCT
CHAPTER 6 - The use of CBCT in dentistry

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