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Mountain Emergency Medicine

Titolo Professionale - Medicina

marzo 2019
ISBN: 9788821447334
Pagine: 928
Rilegatura: Soft
Formato: 11,5 x 21 cm
€ 99,00 Sconto 15% € 84,00

Mountain Emergency Medicine has seen exponential development due to the ever increasing number of people who hike or trek as well as practice extreme sports. Emergency physicians and nurses need to be equipped with the necessary training to be able to manage “on the field” accidents and sicknesses as well as their own physical security. They also need to learn to Theoretical knowledge is generally of high level but practical expertise is dangerously lacking in many operators. Furthermore, treatment modalities on the field have not been completely codified and are not supported by internationally-accepted guidelines. This book is the first to offer a complete and thorough approach to this field of Emergency Medicine based on the latest research findings.

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